Mobile Phone Recycling is a good practice

A study on mobile Phone recycling practices was conducted in Norway. It was concluded from the results of a survey that 8 million old mobiles remain un-recycled in Norway. This is an alarming figure and we wonder what implications this has for the UK and the rest of Europe. It could be possible that recycling is just as poorly managed in other countries.

UK residents buy millions of phones annually and not even 5% of these are recycled. Many mobile phones end up in landfills all over the world. Some are still lying in people’s cupboards. It is not understood why the monetary incentive of Sell your mobile schemes have not encouraged more people to do so. Is it because they are too busy, or they feel they might need the old handset at a later date? Another study need to be done to decipher this.

Mobile phone manufactures need to take more responsibility for educating communities about recycling. Mobile phones should not end up in landfills because it pollutes the earth and waterways affecting all living things. Mobile phone batteries contain toxins and the handset itself contains rare minerals including gold, platinum, copper, and nickel. Everyone should think about how their constant demand for new mobile phones will be satisfies if these metals become scarce in supply.

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