Recycling Mobiles – Old Mobiles A New Proposal

The Germans want to recycle mobiles the way they do bottles. When Germans buy beer they return the crate of empty bottles whenever they would like to purchase some more beer. The same concept should be adopted to manage mobile phone recycling. Whenever a person buys a new mobile phone, they should stick the old one into a slot at the store, the way they would do an empty bottle.

People would be encouraged to Recycle mobile because it is good for the environment as well as their pockets. The maximum money can be earned if an older mobile phone is recycled straight away and not if it sits in a drawer for a couple of months losing value. The Cash for phones from recycling the old mobile can be placed towards the cost of the new handset. It this way the process of recycling old mobile and buying a new one is done in one transaction and it consumes less of people’s time. They don’t have to buy a new mobile then go home and post the old handset off somewhere for recycling.

When the old mobile phone is dropped off at the store it will go through a process of testing to see whether it is still good. Recycled mobile phones may be resold in other countries, or the parts separated and used for other purposes.

They will start the mobile phone recycling initiative by advertising. Generally, the concept of recycling is popular amongst Germans, who understand the importance of recycling. The aim is to initially give every phone a value of 10 euros on a deposit basis. When the older mobile is taken to the shop, more money is given for the handset depending on its worth.

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