Review – Microsoft Will Shut down Windows Mobile At May

Microsoft Will Shut down Windows Mobile At May-recycle mobile phoneMicrosoft is of the opinion that not many people rely on their Windows Mobile 6.x OS Marketplace. They have decided to shut it down in May. Anyone still on 6.x OS may want to consider Mobile recycling because Microsoft has new treats to come. If you Sell your mobile running on 6.x OS you can use the Cash for phones to get the Windows 8 Tablet that should be available in the 4th quarter this year. Microsoft through its recent partnership with Nokia should delivery a tablet with a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. The new Windows 8 phone will use windows Arm technology and not Nokia’s popular Symbian Platform.

Alternatively, you may choose to give up on Microsoft and follow the majority who have become loyal to Android and Apple platforms. Microsoft’s offerings on the app market are slim compared to Google and Apple and they are still playing a catching up exercise. Microsoft failed to penetrate the smartphone market. It is obvious because their app store is disserted. Many see Microsoft’s decision to scrap the 6.x OS Marketplace as very wise indeed.

A few people are still on the 6.x OS for some strange reason. Microsoft has assured users that all their preinstalled application on their phones will still work, however if the ever need to reset their phone to factory settings everything will be lost.

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