Access Time Of Facebook On Smartphones Is More Than PC’s

Tinkering with our Facebook profiles and posting on our friends’ walls is now being done via our smartphones rather than the traditional method, the desktop.

A new report from analyst firm, comScore, showed that the average time US Facbookers spent accessing the popular social network site through their mobile smartphones was 441 minutes during March, compare this with the traditional route of our desktop PC’s, which was just 391 minutes.

As more and more mobile vendors sell mobile phones with Facebook integration, this disparity looks set to increase rapidly.

When preparing for its public floatation, Facebook were keen to stress the importance of the mobile vehicle; while also taking time to point out that it currently generates next to nothing in terms of meaningful revenue from the hordes of mobile phone users.

A statement from Facebook, explained:

“If users increasingly access mobile products as a substitute for access through personal computers and if we are unable to successfully implement monetization strategies for our mobile users our financial performance and ability to grow revenue would be negatively affected.”

It is because of the vast migration of users from desktop to mobile that Facebook were willing to shell out $1 billion for the photo-sharing, Instagram, analysts have remarked.

Facebook had always made a big noise about the fact that it was not prepared to show ads through Facebook mobile. Rather inevitably, however, in March 2012 it twisted to temptation and starting showing “sponsored stories” in users’ mobile new feeds.Recycle mobile-Access Time Of Facebook On Smartphones Is More Than PC's

Facebook controls the lion’s share of smartphone users’ time, comScore data revealed. The next-most popular services were check-in services Foursquare, with 146 minutes; micro blogging service Twitter, with 114 minutes; and blogging-service Tumblr, with 68 minutes.

Facebook likely clocked up the most minutes because of its myriad of options and updatable data: friends’ updates, wall posts, gaming and event creation can all be performed on Facebook; whereas it takes no time at all to tweet.

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