7 Best-Selling Mobile Racing Games For Android.

You just can’t beat a good racing game can you? Where else can we drive around like a lunatic completely flouting the Highway Code with no threat of serious injury or heavy fine?

So which one is the best now we’ve all got access to racing games on our smartphones? If you’re an Android user then you’ve got a generous smattering of racing games to choose from. Here is a quick summary of the best games currently available.

1. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD.

Arcade racing beaming through your handset – this is a corker. This game allows you to race with your mates and build up the ultimate collection of dream vehicles. Probably the best Android racer available.

2. Need For Speed.

The iconic racing game with the famous title, this Android version of the classic racer is every bit as good as its grown-up console cousins. Drive the world’s fastest cars and experience the most adrenaline-fuelled racing action ever.

3. GT: Motor Academy.

Choose from the bulging list of classic cars from which to get your racing fix. Primed for use with your phones 3D features, this racer bursts out of the screen and looks great. Absolutely free as well, which is more that can be said for the range of Lamborghinis and Ferraris which you can jump behind the wheel of.

4. Extreme Formula.

Remember Wipeout? Well this is the smartphone version of the futuristic racer. High-octane thrills and spills a plenty in a game set in the future. Reckless Racer.

As the name suggests this game is all about the rough and tumble of dirt-track racing. Tear along the terrain at a ridiculous lick with total disregard for your vehicle – it’s great fun to play and looks great.

5. Light Racer 3D

This is definitely one for all you Tron fanatics. Superb looking futuristic racer where you’re put in charge of light-emitting speedster bikes. The action is frenetic and the stunning graphics makes the whole experience a real mind-blower.

6. Wave Blazer.

Speed boat/jetski powerhouses tear across the water in this nod to early charge-about, WaveRace. Fully-stocked multiplayer modes make this a great option for those in a group of petrol heads.

7. Street Racing

Get ready to get down and dirty in the street racing underworld. Amass points and reputation as you build up your character with level up on level of high-speed street racing fun.

Sell your old phone for cash today and splash out on the latest Android handset then get racing!

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