Importance of Mobile Seaches for Businesses

Mobile phones are expected to account for almost a quarter of paid-for web searches in 2012, a trend which has the advertising vultures circling.

Following advertising interest is seen an accurate way of pinpointing growth industries and mobile web search has experienced a doubling of investment from advertisers in the last year.

Here are a couple of factors to consider when looking at mobile devices, mobile internet search and advertising expenditure.

Consider the last time you performed a search on your iPad or mobile device, what was the experience like? Was it fast enough? Did you find what you were looking for and what was the presentation like? Currently, the browser experience on both smartphones and tablets is probably lacking in comparison to desktop PC’s, but this disparity will not continue much longer. Infrastructure, speed, and process will all improve at the same rate over the next few years for tablet and mobile devices.

Businesses are being encouraged to optimize their website for mobile and tablet traffic. Selling mobile advertising space is all well and good, but if the advert is presented in a skewed or altered fashion or the web experience is clunky and unintuitive then the consumer will soon navigate away.Importance of Mobile Seaches for Businesses-Recycle mobile

Likewise, Click Through Rates (CTR) and Cost Per Click (CPC) may at this current moment in time favour the use of desktop PC’s, but their advantage in these areas is being eroded daily by smartphone and tablet devices. The best strategy is to design ‘campaigns specific to mobile’ and separate from other campaigns. It’s also a good opportunity to begin to build out sections of your website for mobile devices.

There are 1.2 billion PC’s in the world, and 3.4 billion smart devices, where do you expect your next customer to come from?

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