Is Tablet, The Consumers Choice OF Portable PC?

Recycle phones-Is Tablet, The Consumers Choice OF Portable PC?New figures from research firm NPD DisplaySearch suggests that the growth pattern for tablet devices means they will soon overtake traditional desktop PC’s.

The writing has long been on the wall for clunky old PC’s as people want a more stremalined web experience. The intoruction of high-street Wi-Fi spots and mobile data streaming has meant that future of computing lies very much in the realm of the handheld.

Companies such as Apple have been selling mobile tablets at an astonishing rate; with more than 60 million iPad 3 units shifted. Samsung are also performing well with their galaxy Tab device, although the Korean company have been selling more mobile phones than tablets with their flagship device the Galaxy SIII, catapulting them to the mobile phone leader board.

The research outfit has projected tablet shipments will grow from 81.6 million units in 2011 to 184.2 million in 2013 — a revised figure; more than the 168.9 million NPD had originally predicted.

The tablet’s rapidly evolving feature set is the overriding factor driving the huge sales, couple this with and increased investments in the tablet supply chain, as consumers turn their backs on other products.

This relatively young market is dominated by Apple who is gobbling up the lion’s share of the profits with their iPad models. NPD’s crystal ball predicts Google’s Android to mount an attack in the near future, with some small inroads made by Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT.

By 2017, the firm are predicting iOS with a 50.9 per cent share of the market, Android with a 40.5 per cent share, and Windows with a 7.5 per cent share.

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