Reasons Why Nokia Lumia Failed

Sell your mobile-Reasons Why Nokia Lumia FailedNokia held the title of best-selling mobile vendor for well over a decade, but now their reign at the top of the charts is over as they have had to move aside for Samsung’s surge to the top. Many industry experts had predicted this shift in power ever since the mobile phone went ‘smart’ a few years back.

Nokia’s dominance of the global feature phone market was only ever going to get them so far and when the world embraced smartphone technology, Nokia were ponderously slow at adapting to the market.

Still, better late than never, as they say, and with the new Lumia handset (inspired by the Finns’ partnership with Microsoft) Nokia have finally arrived at the smartphone party. The Finnish mobile giants have released the glossy Lumia range with models; Lumia 710 and Lumia 900 being two of the more popular handsets in the series.

Despite lessons being learnt and huge progress being made with the Lumia range, many Nokia loyalists still find it difficult to enthuse about their latest flagship products. Here a few reasons why Nokia is still finding life difficult in the fiercely competitive smartphone world.

Apps: Nokia hasn’t come out with any particularly ground- breaking apps. Android and iPhone has much larger choice of apps and still totally dominate the market. Perhaps with new backing from computer gurus, Microsoft, this may change; but for the time being, Nokia are lagging behind.

Display: It’s noticeably dimmer than other high-end devices and even from Nokia’s own previous flagship device, the N9.

Camera Quality: A particularly disappointing effort from Nokia who acknowledged within the mobile industry as manufacturers of quality photographic technology. Many Android devices are ahead of this and again even its own N9 device trumps the Lumia.

Battery Life: Although battery-life is oft neglected in smartphone land, the Lumia’s struggles when looked at in comparison with a whole host of Android handsets.

Front Camera- or lack thereof: No front camera means no video call function and puts the Lumia way down the desirability list.

No memory card slot: So unfortunately the Nokia Lumia is left bereft of any external storage options.

Weak Browser: This Lumia does not support Flash or Silverlight.

Speakerphone and Audio: Again when comparing the Nokia with similarly priced models on the market; it’s clear that this Lumia would probably not be the first choice for audiophiles. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II, HTC Titan, LG Optimus all outperform the Lumia.

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