Top-selling mobile Facebook Games for 2012

Selling mobile games has become a huge money-spinner for everyone involved, from the games’ developers to the mobile manufacturers and the individual operating systems. Here are some of the best ‘quick-fix’ games which you can play via Facebook either on your mobile or laptop and desktop.Top-selling mobile Facebook Games for 2012- Mobile Phone Recycling

Diamond Dash.

This surely has to be one of the most addictive games on the Facebook circuit? The objective is to clear away three or more groups of blocks by clicking on them. Once they are clicked, they will disappear right away meaning a cascade of collapsing boxes and falling structures, the game continuously stacks boxes on the top. The purpose is to target the coloured boxes by clearing them all away. Accomplish the task in 60 seconds and you start piling on the points.

DoubleDown Casino

Become a big-layer in the casino world and gain VIP status with this Facebook game. You can play roulettes, slot machines, and multiplayer jacks.

Indiana Jones Adventure World

Fans of the movie franchise will definitely want to get their hands on this little gem. It currently has more than 16 million users. The game has multiple quests and numerous different worlds to explore where the idea is to hunt down the treasures and avoid the lurking dangers.


Alongside Mafia Wars, Farmville has become one of Facebook’s most popular titles. You play a virtual farmer; in charge of tending to your crops and animals. There are around 11 million daily active users.

Pet Society.

Aimed at animal lovers and fans of all things cuddly, Pet Society asks you to look after and care for your favourite pets. Easy to play and highly addictive this is very much a favourite amongst Facebook users.

Sims Social.

The ‘Sims’ franchise is revered amongst gamers and this title is a Facebook gaming success story: $1 million users to date its popularity is driven by its simplicity and addictiveness. The whole concept of the game is to build, and decorate a home.

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