10 Best Travel Apps For iPhone

Whether you’re planning your annual two week getaway in the sun or if you’re planning a round the world trip of a lifetime, you’re Apple iPhone 4s won’t just help you keep in touch with friends and family whilst your away, it’ll also be indispensable because of all those other handy things it’ll be able to help you do whilst you’re away from home. Your iPhone 4s will be able to help you out with a bit of translation; can replace your guidebooks and so much more. And with the much awaited launch of the iPhone 5 later in the year, who knows what new functions that’ll have too.10 Best Travel Apps For iPhone-Mobile phone recycling

Keeping in touch

You won’t be able to beat the Skype app for keeping in touch with everyone back home as it offers either free calls or vastly cheaper than international call rates on your iPhone 4s o2.

An alternative way of letting your friends know where you are in the world is to use IAmHere. Friends will be emailed with a Google Maps link which will pretty accurately pinpoint your current location.

Destination and City Guides

To keep your packing to a minimum, you best download some destination guides. We like Time Out, which is available not only for the iPhone but also the iPod Touch and will give you access to some great reviews and recommendations for what to see, where to stay and where to eat. Others worthy of mention are; Cool Places. Lonely Planet, Footprint and Conde Nast Traveller City Guides.

Alternatively, if you’d like the information but without the reading, why not try HearPlanet. These are audio tour guides which let you know what attractions are in your local area.

Staying Organised

There’s nothing worse than carrying lots of printed bits of paperwork with you whilst travelling, so get organised and let Tripit collate any flight, hotel and car hire information into one handy itinerary.

Whatever the Weather

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing it’s always good to be able to find out what the weathers going to be like. You’re iPhone will already have its own weather app, but we like Weather Pro for its detailed worldwide weather forecasts and satellite images.

Use your iPhone as an E-reader

If you’re trying to pack light, leave the paperbacks at home and use your phone as an e-reader by downloading a selection of books to your phone.

Knowing the language

There’s a range of translation apps out there, all of which can be a bit temperamental to say the least, but Google Translate will help you out by translating into one of fifteen languages, which if you get a bit stuck with language, might just help you out.

Alternatively, try the Lonely Planet Phrasebook which will also speak the phrase of your choice out loud.

Keeping track of money

Xe is a great currency converter, which will give you live currency comparisons for your selected currencies; particularly helpful for those travelling through more than one country.

All of these apps and thousands more are available to download from the App Store. If you’ve blown your budget on you holiday, why not raise a little extra cash through mobile phone recycling which may help buy a selection of these recommended apps.

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