5 Tips For Buying Smart Phone

Have you decided it is time to sell your mobile and upgrade? Perhaps you want to recycle your current phone and buy your first smartphone but are unsure which one to get. This blog will attempt to give some useful tips to consider when buying your smartphone.

Perhaps the first and most important aspect of buying any mobile phone is the price. There is a huge range of prices and packages available. Generally speaking the more expensive the phone is the higher spec it is. At the other end of the spectrum the lower cost smartphones can be disappointing. A sensible approach is to start by investigating handsets in the medium price range as these can be a good introduction to smartphones without sacrificing functionality.

Another big decision when choosing your smartphone is the operating system it uses as this has implications for the apps you have access to. The main choices of operating system are Android, by Google, which the majority of smartphones now use, and IOS from Apple, used in their iPhones. Consumers do tend to remain loyal to one or other of the operating systems so you will need to decide which you prefer.

Size can be an important aspect in your choice of handset. The current trend, certainly among the high-end smartphones, is for larger dimensions and impressive sized screens but these can be a little unwieldy and more difficult to stash in your pocket. It is a personal choice, obviously smaller phones will have a smaller screen, so if you are going to use your mobile to play games or watch video a better screen may be your priority. Similarly a smaller screen may make use of the touch screen keyboard less accurate. There are some models which offer the use of both a virtual keyboard and an actual physical slide out keyboard, and again if you are expecting to do a lot of typing this may be something to consider when making your choice.

Battery life should be an important consideration when buying a smartphone. There is nothing more frustrating than being in a situation when you need to use your mobile but the battery is dead. Historically short battery life amongst smartphones has been a problem. However things are improving and it is worth checking out reviews of different models to determine their battery endurance. Ideally you should be looking at purchasing a mobile that can run for a day on average usage without needing charging.

5 Tips For Buying Smart Phone-Mobile phone recyclingThe storage capabilities of your smartphone may be important to you. This is particularly relevant if you intend to store a lot of photos and videos, or use your phone for gaming. As well as internal storage you should consider whether this can be expanded by using a microSD card, or whether you can access cloud storage.

Buying any smartphone is a substantial investment, and if you opt to take out a contract you are tied in to that phone for a defined period, so it is worth doing some investigating before you decide which is the best smartphone for you.

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