5 Tips to Use 3G Internet on Your Mobile Phones

Our mobile phones can now perform almost any task; whether it be making recieving calls, emailing, gaming or internet, our smartphones can do it all. To experience web-surfing on your mobile deviceHere are some of tips to use 3G internet on your devices:5 Tips to Use 3G Internet on Your Mobile Phones-Recycle mobile

  1. To use 3G internet on your mobile phone you will need to buy a phone which allows 3G services. Selling mobile phones with 3G capabilities has become the norm amongst the major mobile phone manufactures; so this shouldn’t be a problem getting hold of one. Put a 3G SIM card into the phone and set up the 3G service on your phone. Usually you can do this by opening the settings on the phone and changing the network setting to 3G.
  2. Mobile phone tethering is the best way to experience 3G on your laptop or iPad. Tethering transforms you handset into a mobile modem and tethering lets you enjoy wireless internet access at a lower monthly cost. The only problem with tethering is that if you’re busy using your mobile phone to surf the net; you cannot attend your calls when you are accessing internet on your laptop.
  3. 3G USB stick is another way to enjoy 3G internet on your laptop. Simply insert the SIM into the card holder and plug 3G USB Stick into your device’s USB port. Esay-peasy.
  4. Buying a netbook with an embedded 3G radio antenna is another option. This is the best option for those users who wish to buy a new, efficient mobile computer and those who don’t have the need to share a connection with others.
  5. 3G cards are a great way to experience 3G internet on your mobile devices. Network providers are now selling mobile 3G cards to access the internet and there is a huge choice on offer if you want to sniff out a competitive deal.

You can choose an external 3G card that matches the USB, PCMCIA and Express card holders of your device. This 3G card acts as a mini-modem allowing the device to access the internet wirelessly through the mobile phone provider’s 3G network.

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