6 Reasons Why PlayStation 3 But Not Xbox 360

6 Reasons Why PlayStation 3 But Not Xbox 360 If you’ve owned a Nintendo Wii for a few years and you’ve found that you or the kids are no longer using it, it may be time to think about raising some cash through recycling mobile phones you no longer use and putting that money towards buying a new games console that’s for the more serious gamers out there. There are a few options that you could look at, but this article aims to provide a bit of a comparison between the PlayStation vs. Xbox and lists some of the reasons why we think you should opt for the PS3.

Obviously it depends on the type of games you like to play, but we think the PS3 has the best selection of exclusive games titles to choose from, with the exception of Halo or Gears of War which are Xbox exclusives. So if you want to play games like God of War 3, LitleBigPlanet, inFamous or Metal Gear Solid 4, the PS3 is the console for you.

Secondly, the PlayStation 3 isn’t just limited to being a games console, as it also has a Blu-ray device that’ll come in handy for playing the kids films or if you’re a bit of a movie buff this might be a handy feature for you too as you’ll definitely notice the improved visual and audio quality you get from a Blu-ray over a DVD. And of course for the game players, the higher memory capacity of a Blu-ray disc means that they’ll be no need to switch on another disc mid-game, an issue that many who have played on an Xbox 360 will be familiar with.

Unlike Xbox Live, the PlayStation network which is free and allows you access to its online multiplayer gaming service will allow you not only play a range of games but also acts as a digital media service run by Sony. This saving alone will buy you a least one extra game a year compared to paying for the Xbox Live subscription.

Rechargeable PS3 controllers mean that you’ll never need to buy new batteries to maintain you’re game playing abilities and should you have forgotten to charge up the controllers before playing you can at least plug the controller into the charger and stop yourself from losing a life mid-game, something you just can’t do on the Xbox.

As great as the Xbox Kinect technology promises to be; allowing players to control and participate in the games with no controllers, it unfortunately doesn’t quite deliver. You’ll be mid-game and suddenly it will drop out and you’ll lose one of your players.

And finally the launch of the PS Vita, a hand-held gaming device that connects to your PS3 was a stroke of genius, giving you even more game play options for your PS3.6 Reasons Why PlayStation 3 But Not Xbox 360-Recycle mobile phone

Ultimately, whether you find the PlayStation 3 better than the Xbox 360 or vice versa will be down to personal preference, what you’re actually looking to use the games console for and what games you like to play, but hopefully this has given you a bit more information to help you make the right choice for you.

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