Best and Worst features of Samsung Galaxy S3

Best and Worst features of Samsung Galaxy S3-Recycling mobile phonesEveryone is talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3. It certainly is one of the handsets that has caused the most excitement in 2012 and now it’s here we can see whether it is worth selling your mobile and going out to get one. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has many more features and details than Samsung’s previous Android offering, the Galaxy S2, and with 1 GB of RAM and a quad core processor its specifications certainly sound impressive.

One of the key new gestures on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is Smart Stay, a feature which makes use of the camera on the front of the phone. The 1.9 megapixel camera follows your eyes and when it senses that you are not looking directly at the device it dims the screen to save power. This is particularly useful when you are reading web pages as the screen will not dim when you are halfway through an article.

Another useful feature for those attending meetings is the Turnover function. When you turn the handset face down it will be set to silent mode instantly which means no more phone calls interrupting your meeting! The feature is easy to use and very consistent
If you like to have a lot of storage on your phone, then maybe you should recycle your mobile and get a Galaxy S3 as its Dropbox cloud storage beats both iphone and HTC with 50GB of storage available. It’s a great way to store music, video and photos without clogging up your phone and makes the content accessible from any computer or tablet you may be using.

Samsung have succeeded in using a larger battery, but still manage to keep the weight of the handset down to just 133g. The battery will easily last through a 12 hour day with heavy usage and still have about a quarter of its juice left. Turning on power saving and keeping the brightness at a low level will extend the battery life even further- a first for a Android phone as powerful as this.
The best feature of the hardware however has to be the 4.8 in, 1280 x 720 resolution screen. The colours are fantastic which makes watching videos and movies a real pleasure. The quality of the screen is also very noticeable when reading documents and emails because the text is superbly clear and sharp.

However, no phone is perfect and there are, of course, a few features and apps on the Galaxy S3 that are disappointing. One of the most irritating features is the ‘auto brightness’ function which attempts to adjust the brightness of your screen depending on the lighting in the room. It doesn’t really work very well. Luckily it’s possible to turn this function off and set the brightness level yourself. The S3 is designed to have wireless charging but the kit is delayed until the autumn. It won’t come with the phone and is sure to be pricey to buy which is disappointing when it could have been standard issue. The most disappointing feature however is the S-Voice, its in-built vocal command system. It only understands very basic commands and is inconsistent when having to use the web to find the answers to your enquiries. It’s a novelty but will have to be improved before the S-Voice is used over simply typing or pressing a few function buttons!

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