Latest Rumor of Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

Latest Rumor of Apple iPhone 5 Release Date-Mobile phone RecyclingThere are fresh rumours regarding the possible launch date of the highly anticipated new generation iPhone from Apple. Expected to be called the iPhone 5, it is rumoured that the new handset will be a complete remodel of the existing iPhone but so far Apple have not officially released any information as to what we will see come to the market, or when that happy event might be. There was speculation that Apple would unveil their new creation at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference which is due to start in San Francisco on Monday 11th June, but this possibility now seems unlikely. Instead attention is focussed on the last quarter of this year, perhaps September or October for the launch of the new iPhone 5.

In the meantime all eyes are on the health of Apple’s iPhone sales as the new Samsung Galaxy S3 shoots to the top of the charts. Trends seem to indicate that Apple’s sales are in decline and analysts don’t expect that to change until the new iPhone 5 comes onto the market.

So does this mean that after Apple’s huge success and massive technological influence in the world of mobile phones its devices are now falling foul of the new Android smartphones? It is certainly true that the new Android handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, come packed with up-to-the-minute technology and plenty of software but many people believe the current popularity of the Android phones will not permanently damage Apple. It is acknowledged that the decline in sales being experienced by Apple does not necessarily indicate a switch for consumers from iPhone to Android. Indeed, many consumers will remain loyal to the Apple brand and the fall in iPhone 4S sales is arguably due to people waiting for the release of the new 6th generation iPhone before they decide to recycle their mobile and upgrade.

So far all whispers point to the new iPhone being a significant leap forward in the technology it will carry. It is anticipated that the new iPhone will be Apple’s first 4G LTE mobile and will have a quad core processor, in line with its Android competitor the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is also anticipated that the new iPhone 5 will run on Apple’s new IOS 6.0 operating system. It has been suggested that we can expect a more slim-line handset with a larger 4 inch Retina screen and better rear and front-facing cameras. Recent reports point to developments being made to increase the battery life of the new iPhone. How effective this proves to be remains to be seen as just when battery performance is enhanced, high powered technology is added requiring significant battery juice.

One thing is certain the world is waiting with eager anticipation for the arrival of the new iPhone 5 and expects great things of it. Apple are keeping very quiet about their new developments, but perhaps that is just fuelling the fire and building the market’s appetite so that sales of the iPhone 5 put Apple back at the top. We will have to wait and see.

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