Sell Your Old Phone and Upgrade to the iPhone 4S

Are you in the midst of an upgrade conundrum? Which smartphone should you plump for? There are so many options to choose from; finding the right phone for you can be a real challenge. Apple fans, for example, will be wondering whether they should trade in their old iPhone model and upgrade to the 4S or should they hold on and wait for the iPhone 5 to be released.

Here are a few reasons why choosing the iPhone 4S is a corker of an idea.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal assistant at your beckon call? Well Apple’s ‘Siri’ system provides just that. This voice command system can help you with all manner of things: reading out your text messages or weather forecast, searches out the best restaurants near you, sets your alarm, tells you the time in any foreign language, and checks your schedule and appointments. All these all things are made possible with Siri, a personal assistant which is part of the iPhone 4S package.

A Cracking Camera

The 4S device delivers one of the best snappers on the market; with an 8 megapixel sensor, an enlarged aperture, new fifth lens, face detection with low motion blur which means that it is capable of handling the specs of point and shoot. Alongside the phone’s photographic hardware, the camera also allows some basic photo editing, which is handy if you’re not much of a photographer and need to touch up a few shots. Furthermore, the iPhone 4S is equally competent in video shooting as well; capturing HD video with 1080p.

More power.

The iPhone 4S has on board the same A5 chip which is present on the iPad 2. This increased processing capacity means the 4S is one of the fastest smartphones on the market when it comes to data-heavy tasks such as web-page loading and gaming. Couple with the increased processing power is an enhanced battery; with the 4S able to dish out eight hours talk time or 14 hours for the 2G, and while in 3G browsing you will get a six hour life.

Sell Your Old Phone and  Upgrade to the iPhone 4S-Mobile phone recyclingYou don’t have to worry whether you use a GSM or CDMA, since the 4S can handle both. So if you’re travelling the world, you do not have to worry about these constraints, making it an excellent choice for business folk who travel abroad on a frequent basis and need to stay in touch.

Final Word

With double power, a great 8 mega pixel camera and a feature like Siri, you’d be mad not to sell your old phone and upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

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