Ways To Save Battery Life On iPhone 4s

If you own an Apple iPhone, you’ll know just how great a phone and multimedia device that it is. And with a world of apps at your fingertips, it feels that your smartphone can do nearly anything; that is until your battery life starts to disappear and you get the dreaded battery low warning.

Your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is capable of great things, but all that functionality comes at a price which can often be high battery use. With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to reduce your power consumption, to help you keep your iPhone powered up for longer between charges.Ways To Save Battery Life On iPhone 4s-Sell your mobile

Switch your Wi-Fi Off

Although using Wi-Fi to download is faster than 3G; having your phones Wi-Fi constantly enabled will use up your battery, particularly if is constantly searching for a network.

Turn Bluetooth off

If you don’t need it, switch your Bluetooth off in your Settings menu.

Switch off Vibration

If you need your phone on silent for a reason, than having the vibrate option is great to have switched on. But for most of us, most of the time, this isn’t essential; so switch it off.

Benefit from the Auto-Brightness function

For a change we thought we’d get you to switch something on. So make sure you reduce the power consumption of your screen by using Auto-Brightness, which be enabled through your Settings, followed by Brightness. This will adapt the brightness of your screen, dependent on light conditions and hence reduce the power used when it’s not needed. In addition to this, you can also reduce the default brightness as dimming it slightly will also help conserve a bit of energy.

Turn off the GPS

Many apps will use your location to function, but this requires the use of GPS which can drain your battery. Again, you can switch this off in your Settings, followed by Location Services. If you don’t want to turn off this ability completely, you can go through each app individually and just switch off any that you don’t regularly use.

Download data and emails only when you need to

Although it’s convenient to have your emails ‘Pushed’ to you, we recommend that to save battery life it worth considering switching this function off and just synching as and when you need to.

Set phone to Auto-Lock sooner

Your phone is set to go to sleep after a set amount of time, and seeing as the longer your phone is active, the more energy it’ll be using, it makes sense to reduce this to just one minute.

By playing around with some of your phones settings you’ll be able to reduce your power consumption but remember that it’s probably some of these bells and whistles that made you buy your phone in the first place, so just switch off the ones you really don’t need and the ones you won’t miss.

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