7 Reasons Why iPad Can Replace Textbooks

If you obtain some free apps for iPad you can create your own e-reader and open up the world of e-books. One such app is the Apple iBooks Application. The presentation of iBooks is very good, giving a feeling of depth and a sense of a real book on your screen. Once you have the capacity to read e-books using your iPad with the iCloud facility you can also view them on your other Apple devices. So here are 7 reasons why your e-books on your iPad are better than the paper version.

1. E-books it could be argued are encouraging people to read again. The joy of reading a paperback seemed to be in decline but it could be argued that the ability to read a book on an iPad brings reading back into vogue, particularly for younger members of society.

2. A real advantage to e-books as opposed to paper books is the ability to customise the text to suit your own preferences or needs. For example in Apple’s iBooks app you can select one of 5 different fonts and you can opt to view the font in different sizes. There is also the means to select the brightness of the screen with a slider button. There is even the capacity to use the VoiceOver function so that the reads to you.

3. E-books can be used as an easy aid to comprehension and language development as the vocabulary used can be highlighted and checked with the on-board dictionary.

4. E-books also offer an advantage to consumers in terms of cost. In many cases e-books are cheaper than a paperback version due to the lack of printing costs and some are even completely free. Once you have entered the iBookstore you gain access to up to 700,000 titles (a total which continues to grow) from which to make your choice.

5. Using your iPad as an e-reader gives you complete mobility. You can take your e-books everywhere with you without having to carry around bulky paper copies. The new iPad 2 does this job even better as it is lighter to carry with you and to hold whilst reading. An advantage iPad has over some other e-readers on the market is that it does so much more. You have access to a whole host of apps and you can read your books, check your email and open up web pages without needing to take anything else with you.

6. For the avid reader the ability to store a large number of books of organised into various different genres in compact form as opposed to stacked physically on shelves is a real advantage to e-books compared to paper books.

7. An understated but significant benefit of e-books is that they do not impact the environment in the same way as a hard copy. No trees need die to read a book on your iPad.

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