First Look Microsoft’s New Tablet

First Look Microsoft's New Tablets-Mobile phone recyclingIt has become common place for many of us to sell our outdated mobile to a phone recycling company and upgrade to a newer model, but have you considered upgrading your tablet? In this fast paced, ever changing market new tablets are continuously entering the stores with better technology and more functionality.

On Monday this week Microsoft unveiled their new generation tablets at an exclusive, invitation only event in Los Angeles.

On show were the new Microsoft Surface tablet and the Microsoft Surface Pro and they were met with great excitement. The solid build and ingenious design of these two devices is immediately evident. Constructed with magnesium casing and with striking Clear Type displays they look classy and sleek.

The first of the two models, the Microsoft’s New Tablet, is powered by an ARM processor and runs on the Windows RT operating system – a version of Windows 8 developed to run with ARM products. This version has a 10.6 inch screen which is bigger than the 9.5 inches of the iPad. This does result in the Surface being 24g heavier than the iPad.

The other new Microsoft tablet, the Surface Pro is fitted with an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and runs on Windows 8 Professional. It is not quite as slim as the Windows RT version measuring 13.5mm compared to 9.5mm. The Pro is also the heavier of the two.

Microsoft have successfully developed two completely new products with their Surface tablets and introduced some smart new features. Most noticeable amongst them is the magnetic cover that comes as part of the package with both the Surface tabs. This Touch Cover is ultra slim at 3mm and comes in a variety of bright colours. It features a full size keyboard with slightly raised keys and a touchpad.

Another valuable feature of these Windows tablets is the kickstand which is integral to the casing of both devices. This allows the tablets to sit upright on a surface and allow comfortable viewing of videos and is convenient when using your webcam.

Coupled with the magnetic cover doubling as a keyboard the kickstand allows these tablets to be used in a way similar to a notepad and makes for a comfortable position to type. When fitted in place the magnetic cover feels so secure that you can actually use the Surface and Pro tab with this extra keyboard as an alternative to a notepad, on your lap.

One other noticeable advance in hardware is that both Microsoft tablets come with a full size USB port unlike the iPad.

Unfortunately Microsoft are still refusing to give any other details away so we are no wiser as to screen resolution, or battery life. They are keeping that sort of information to themselves until they are closer to launching these two new tablets. That doesn’t look to be any time soon. It is anticipated that the Windows Surface tablet should reach the market by the end of this year, but we are expecting to have to wait until early next year to see the Windows Surface Pro hit the stores.

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