Is HTC Working on Jelly Bean Tablet?

Is HTC Working on Jelly Bean Tablet?Has anybody else been wondering what’s happened to HTC of late? Their tablet range seems to have wilted and died as Apple, Samsung and even Amazon now dominate the market.

All this could be about to change, however, as it would appear that the Taiwanese brand are beavering away on a new Android Jellybean-driven tablet.

HTC’s previous forays into the tablet market was not exactly a pleasant experience for the brand; who are more used to selling mobile phones to a loyal band of followers. The Flyer, as it was named, came up short against the Apple iPad (what didn’t?!) and within the Android market itself. There was also the Jetstream (not released in the UK) which was held back by an eye-watering price tag and not enough not enough juicy features.

HTC are being incredibly coy about this new tablet, only confirming that it has plans for a launch. That means that currently there are no specifications, no release date, and no launch regions outside of the UK are currently known.
The tech moguls did, however, say that the tablet would have a unique selling point….Oooh HTC you little tease!

However, because Android 4.1 Jelly Bean started to roll out yesterday, it’s safe to assume that the tablet will likely have Google’s latest operating system on board when it arrives.

With no scheduled events coming up, the IFA Conference in Berlin, which is planned to take place in and around August, could be the perfect place that HTC decides to unveil its new flagship tablet.

In a sign of the times for the majority of brands competing with Samsung and Apple, HTC has recently come out and said it in future it plans to put a greater emphasis on quality and forgo the scattergun quantity approach which, ironically, seems to have worked so well for Samsung. Time will tell as to whether they stick to this mantra when the new jellybean tablet is released.

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