The Mind Blowing Features Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The bitter rivalry between Samsung and Apple grumbles on with no sign on the horizon that the two tech giants will kiss and make up. The legal wrangling and patent disputes continue to blight Samsung’s recent successes of being crowned highest selling mobile phone company on the planet. No doubt the claims and counter-claims will start again once Apple’s iPhone 5 is eventually rolled out.

Of course, the positive to be taken from all this technological one-upmanship is the outstanding range of devices being churned out by both parties who are both desperately trying to steal custom from their rival with ever more sophisticated gadgetry.

Samsung are currently on the ascendency with regards to mobile phones (again, this will almost certainly change as soon as the iPhone 5 is announced) but Apple undoubtedly rule the roost when it comes to the tablet market.
However, the prickly rivalry between the two brands is being upped once more as Samsung’s latest tablet offering, the Galaxy Tab 2, is being sent out to take on the all-conquering iPad 3.

So what’s this new Galaxy Tab 2 like then? Has it got what it takes to rein-in Apple and, perhaps more importantly, does it manage to differentiate itself from the famous Apple  model?

The Good.

One thing this little offering from Samsung has go going for it is its size. The Galaxy Tab 2 is as thin as the iPad 2 and thinner than iPad 3. Samsung’s tablet is also lighter than both of Apple’s tablets.

Samsung have also poured a lot of time and effort into getting this tablet’s design and aesthetic just right; as it looks absolutely stunning. No longer can Samsung products be dismissed as just a poorly re-hashed relation of an Apple device (although I’m sure Apple fans will still be adamant this accusation holds some truth) as, with this tablet in particular, Samsung are beginning to find their own unique aesthetic.

The Bad.

There is a distinct lack of connectivity options which may trouble a few and the plastic back casing may have some people doubting the devices’ structural integrity – it does feel a bit flimsy – especially compared to the sturdy iPad 3.

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Specs:

• 1 gHz dual-core OMAP 4430 processor
• 1gb high-speed DDR2 memory (RAM)
• Available in 16, 32 and 64gn storage range
• Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
• Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
• Rear 3 mega pixel camera with LED flash
• Front-facing 2 mega-pixel camera
• High-definition video recording at 720p
• Accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor, compass.

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