Tiny Wings 2 Hits iPhone App Store

Mobile gaming is a boom industry with developers pouring millions into the creation of exciting new titles for the increasingly sophisticated smartphones we carry around in our pockets.

Selling mobile gaming is worth millions to both Apple and Google, as handsets such as the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 push the boundary as to what is possible in terms of graphics and processing power.

Smartphone games have become so popular that some titles have passed from the lowly status of simple puzzle game into the cultural zeitgeist: games such as Angry Birds and Temple Run are now part and parcel of the gaming genre like Mario or Lara Croft.

Two of the most hotly-anticipated titles on the iPhone have now been released; hoping to cash-in on the mobile gaming frenzy.

Amazing Alex and Tiny Wings 2.

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex has just arrived on both Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store. This exciting title is a physics-based game with fun and funky graphics and feels very similar ‘Cut the Rope’, so you avid gamers will be in your comfort zone right from the get-go.

Amazing Alex is cheap as chips for the full version on both iOS and Android, and on Android there’s also available a free trial plus an HD version for those of you luck enough to have a top of the range tablet. Amazing Alex comes with 100 levels, where the aim is to place benches, fly balloons and others to negotiate a ball in to a bucket. There doesn’t sound much to it, but this is what makes a classic puzzle game so great – simplicity.

Tiny Wings 2.

Tiny Wings 2 has only flown on to iOS thus far and it’s sequel to one of the most popular games on iOS – that one where you fly a birdie with small wings fly long so it constantly falls and slides up and down hills giving it momentum for the next flight. This sequel is terrifyingly addictive and will keep you hooked for hours. On the downside, it is basically an exactly copy of the first Tiny Wings game and those of you who were hoping for something a little bit different – even just a slight innovation – may be left disappointed.

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