Top 10 iPad Apps For Toddlers

Top 10 iPad Apps For Toddlers

As the iPad has become increasingly commonplace in the home it doesn’t come as surprise that the iPad 2 is also being used for entertainment and learning purposes by both older and younger children alike. As a result there has been a significant growth in the development and launch of iPad apps aimed towards educating children and research has shown that these tools can be a useful aid for learning. As there are so many apps to choose from, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite paid for and free apps for iPad that we think you should take a look at.

Talking Gina the Giraffe

This iPad App encourages toddlers to help look after a pet Giraffe named Gina which they need to feed and talk to. Gina will then engage with your child by repeating the words that they have spoken and if they regularly play with Gina, she will reward them with balloons, kisses and funny voices that your child is sure to love.


This iPad App will provide your child with a virtual and interactive sticker book which has a selection of themes to pick from. Your toddler can then select a sticker and place it where they would like to create a bright and colourful scene.

Shape Builder

This iPad App will provide your toddler with a selection of puzzles that range from five to ten pieces and upon completion a voice will tell your child the name of the image that they’ve just created.

Pat the Bunny

This iPad App will provide you and your child with an interactive book that will encourage your child to start to identify words and letters and in addition to this, you can even record your own voice reading the story which your child can then listen to whenever they like.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

This app combines the artwork that you know and love with the interactivity that the iPad offers and will help your child start to learn the alphabet.

I Hear Ewe

This is a great app that is ideal for younger children as it will help to teach them the names of 24 animals and 12 vehicles.

PBS Kids Video

This app is more for entertainment than education and will allow your child to watch a wide selection of children’s shows and cartoons.

Once Upon a Potty

If you’ve not got as far as potty training your toddler yet, this app may well help you teach your child the potty training basics and includes an online book to read as well as a fun song for them to learn too.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Using this app, your toddler will help pack a lunch box with a fun monkey character and be introduced to a series of games that include elements of counting, shapes and letters.

Wheels on the Bus

There can be few parents who aren’t familiar with this ever popular toddler’s song and with this app; your child can interact with a series of bright and colourful characters whilst having the song words narrated.

If you sell your mobile phones that you no longer use to a mobile recycling company, you could be able to buy a selection of these apps to help entertain and educate your children over the summer holidays.

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