Top 5 Unwanted Worst iPhone Apps

Many people these days recycle mobile phones in order to upgrade to a smartphone. A big factor in this decision is that they have been enticed by something like the Apple app store which promises a world of exciting and innovative apps to improve a person’s life. All good in principal. If you are the person who thought “I’ll sell my mobile and get an iPhone” then let me point out a few apps that should perhaps be on your list of things to avoid.

Top 5 Unwanted Worst iPhone Apps

1. Hair Clinic For Man And Woman is the first app that should be avoided on your iPhone. I am a potential target for this app that is, it claims, “the world’s first mobile hair clinic system”. Hmmm, I’m not sure that $8.99 is money well spent on an app that apparently emits “inaudible frequencies that promote blood circulation around hair roots”. If you wish to part with your hard earned money and rub your new iPhone on your head be my guest – just don’t be surprised at the looks you get!

2. If you want a really quick way to break your handset then Hang Time is the app for you. It measures how high you can throw your iPhone or iPod in the air. At $0.99 there are certainly more expensive apps out there but none that will so quickly result in a pile of iPhone components on the floor at your feet.

3. My favourite terrible app is, I think, I Am Rich. For a mere $999.99 (yes, that is nearly a thousand, your eyes do not deceive you) you can purchase this app which puts a glowing red diamond on your screen to let people know that you are stupid enough, I mean rich enough, to throw away a thousand dollars. What is most scary is that 8 people actually purchased this one. A real result for the developers who must have been laughing all the way to the bank.

4. FatBurner2K is “a mobile gym that works on your terms”. Apparently. If you simply can’t be bothered to do those tiresome things that we all know we should like exercise and sensible eating then this app is the perfect solution for you. Simply place it on your stomach about 6 inches above your belly button and switch it on. The app makes your handset vibrate which presumably wobbles all of the fat away. I shan’t cancel my gym membership just yet.

5. The final app on this list is the Beer Opener, described by the developers as “Experience the joy of opening a cold refreshing beer without the inconvenience of actually drinking beer!”
Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but in my experience one of the main pleasures in opening a bottle of beer is then being able to drink it. Why would anyone want to simulate opening a beer (by holding the iPhone over the top and opening a virtual cap) and then put it away again? Beats me.

Anyway, hope that helps keep some of that hard-earned money that you got from selling your mobile in your pocket.

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