10 Tips You Need to Know About Apple New OS – Mountain Lion

The powerful sounding Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion has just been released. It sees the upgrade of OS X 10.7 Lion and whilst it doesn’t make huge changes to the OS, the changes that it does make are important changes that will affect the way the average customer uses their device- be it iPhone or iPad. If you’re looking to recycle your mobile phone and invest in an iPhone, Mountain Lion will seal the deal about which handset to choose. Many of the changes bring OS X closer to iOS and they make feel like a finely-tuned operating system that combines both the dependable consistency and innovative technology that we have come to expect from Apple. Here are the more important changes in OS X 10.8.

10 Tips You Need to Know About Apple New OS - Mountain Lion-Sell me mobile

1. As iCloud wasn’t released until October 2011, after the release of OS X 10.7 Lion, there were some obvious compatibility and synchronisation problems between Lion and the iCloud. Mountain Lion makes use the Cloud much easier and lets you save document directly to the cloud from your device and any changes you make to documents are immediately visible on all devices linked to your iCloud. Many apps have been upgraded   and there’s an API the allows iCloud-enabled apps to be developed.

2. iMessage, the cross-platform service that allows people using iPads, Macs and iPhones to chat, replaces iChat and has great features such as unlimited messaging and gives people the ability to send HD videos, high-res photos and attachments up to 100MB. It’s also compatible with other popular messaging services such as AIM, Google Talk and Jabber.

3. The popular social gaming platform Game Center is now available on Macs with Mountain Lion. No need to sell your mobile phone to buy a handheld games console- Game Center transforms your phone into a gaming hub where you can play against people who are connected via any Apple device.

4. If you use an Apple TV then Mountain Lion allows you to mirror your mobile phone screen on the TV using AirPlay Mirroring, a feature which automatically detects an Apple TV and can turn your handset onto a games console or photo projector.

5. Mountain Lion sports a new and improves notification centre which unifies all system ad app messages into the same place. This streamlines the system and makes it run more smoothly.

6. It’s much easier to share links, pictures and videos on Mountain Lion as the share button is integrated into the system and there are links for AirDrop, Flickr, email, Twitter and Message which makes it much more user-friendly.

7. The Reminders app is now available which keeps you organised with all of your meetings, lists and appointments and, with the improved synchronisation of iCloud, you can access Reminders across all your devices pretty much instantly.

8. Notes has been promoted and given its own app status, rather than just being a feature in the email programme. You can now pull messages, photos and attachments into Notes and bullet point and format them and then, pressing the integrated Share button, make them accessible to all.

9. Gatekeeper security is installed on Mountain Lion which protects your phone by scanning all apps and downloads and lets you choose what level of security you want to use on your device.

10. Aware of the huge Chinese market, Mountain Lion has improved its compatibility with Chinese text characters and allows you to type in English and Chinese without toggling between two inconvenient formats. Access to Chinese social networking sites is also available.

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