Best Fitness Apps for Android Users

One of the great advantages of having mobile phone apps that cover a range of aspects is that we can now access computer programs without being at a computer! Obviously there are some areas where your location doesn’t matter in the slightest but the area of fitness is benefitting greatly from the new flexibility available. Gone are the days when being interested in computer programs automatically meant being some kind of geek – it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a healthy interest in apps and mobile phones whilst maintaining a healthy interest in, well, health!

Best Fitness Apps for Android Users-Sell my mobile
So, if you are about to recycle your mobile phone and get a snazzy new smartphone and you want to use it to get yourself fit here are some of the Fitness Apps that you should keep your eye on:

1. Cardio Trainer and Racing is an Android Fitness Apps that tracks the users’ times and achievements and then challenges them to improve on those targets. The app includes motivational features such as a “commentator” who tells the user where they are in relation to previous performances and a race simulator.

2. Absolute Fitness is an all-in-one Fitness Apps that covers fitness goals, exercise scheduling and also food consumption and calorie counting. There are online backup facilities, food consumption analysis, stats and charts to track your progress. This really is a great fitness app for Android phones.

3. AllSport GPS has been proving very popular with users despite being a little more expensive than some other apps. There are a host of features that will enable users of all abilities to measure and improve upon performances. You can track routes, speed, distance travelled, calories burnt and time taken. There are maps, graphs showing elevation and speed etc and so much more, including virtual races. There is also the option of sharing what you’ve done on social networking sites such as Facebook and others so you can show off just how fit you’re getting!

4. Fast Food Calorie Counter comes from the other direction and is a great tool to stop you from ruining all of the brilliant work you’ve been doing with these other apps. If you really do lose the will and succumb to the temptation to indulge in some tasty (but not very healthy) fast food then this counter will give you a kick up the backside! The data you are given about the food covers about 70 odd restaurants and includes calories, carbohydrates, fibre, protein and, of course, the fat grams!

5. My Tracks runs in the background as you go about your running or walking route and then sends the information to Google Maps. This allows the user to reflect afterwards and plot new or alternative routes to increase fitness. The user can also send the information to social networking sites and even back up the data on your SD card for future reference.

So there we are, no excuse for lazing around anymore. Trade in your mobile phone, get yourself a smartphone and get exercising.

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