Best Smartphone Apps For London 2012 Olympics

With the Olympics due to start in just a matter of hours we thought you might find it useful to know which apps can help you stay updated with the latest news from the games and the best smartphone apps to help you travel to the London Olympics.

Best Smartphone Apps For London 2012 Olympics-Mobile phone recycling

London 2012: Join In

The best place to start is by taking a look at the incredibly comprehensive official app Join In, which is available to download for free to your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android smartphone. The app will provide you with details on the events being held all over the UK and doesn’t just focus on sporting events so it’s a great app for the average tourist too.

If you want to search for an event, they are all listed with details of location and times as well as a handy feature that will help you to navigate to the event that you are trying to get to from your current location. They will also list details of any travel problems including road closures in the area and can give you specific details for wheelchair users if applicable.

London 2012: Results

If you’re more interested in just staying up to date with the results as they happen, this app is the one for you. All the latest results and photos will be available to view for all the Olympic and ParaOlympic events; it even has a handy medals table so that you can keep an eye on how many medals your country has collected. Again this is available to download across all smartphones for free.

BBC Olympics

As the official broadcaster of the Olympic Games, it is good to see that the BBC are using a wide range of communication channels to deliver the best in sports coverage. The app which is available to download onto iOS and Android devices will complement and provide details of their television coverage, which is spanning twenty four channels including Sky, the Red Button and iPlayer.

Reuters London Olympics 2012

This is a free app that is available to download to your iPhone or iPad and displays a visual timeline of photographs that have been taken before the games and will be added to as the games are taking place. In addition, each photo has captions to provide you with details about the sport that has been photographed.

London 2012: Official Mobile Game

This is a great app that is available for your iPhone or Android smartphone for £1.99 and includes a selection of games from some of the most popular events including; swimming, 100m, 110m hurdles, triple jump, archery and more. You are able to create your own athletic player and compete against other virtual competitors to see who can win gold.

There are also a wide range of travel apps available to help you plan your journey including; Tube Deluxe, Bus Live Countdown and Get ahead of the Games.

Smartphones are a great way of staying up to date with the latest news as it happens and it’s not too late to do a mobile trade in and upgrade to a smartphone before the games begin.

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