Best Smartphones with Great Qwerty Keypad

Best Smartphones with Great Qwerty Keypad-Mobile phone recyclingSmartphones are great for keeping you in contact with your friends, family and colleagues whether you’re calling, texting or posting status updates on social networking sites and in addition to that you can also download a whole range of smartphone apps. Some of the Best Smartphones including the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 have touchscreens instead of keyboards, which most of us find both easy and efficient to use. Some people however, particularly those using their phones for business use prefer their smartphone to have a Qwerty keyboard which is a full physical keyboard, named after the first six keys on all standard keyboards. So if you’d be interested in a phone trade in but don’t know which phone to upgrade to, here’s a summary of some Best Smartphones with a Qwerty keypad.

The LG Optimus Slider has a great roomy keyboard for even the largest of fingers and thumbs. The phone is a good low-cost option and is available to buy without having to commit to a contract. The camera quality isn’t great but for those of you looking to write lengthy work texts and emails, this phone is certainly one to consider.

Another LG phone worth taking a look at is the Rumor Reflex, which again has a slide-out keyboard for easy typing. The other features don’t make this phone stand out but if you’re essentially looking for a phone that you’re just going to use to type on and make calls with, this is another possible contender.

The Huawei Pinnacle smartphone has a well thought out layout and design, with a comfortable and easy to use keypad. It is a lightweight phone which is equally light on additional features, but again is a good low cost phone worth considering.

The Blackberry Curve 9730 is a great phone which not only has one of the best keyboards, but also a good 5-megapixel camera and a SIM card slot for additional memory capacity.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro has a slider keyboard, which although seems quite small to start with is surprisingly easy to use. It has a 1GHz processor that stands up to most everyday tasks and a good 5-megapixel camera. Overall, this is good little phone, with the emphasis on its small size; which in a world where smartphones seem to be becoming small tablets, may appeal to some users.

The Samsung Replenish is worth considering for those of you with smaller hands as the keyboard is again on the smaller side. The phone is generally good, but be warned if you’re looking to browse the internet on this phone it will be incredibly slow.

Many of these phones have been either budget or mid-priced, but a higher priced phone with a full keyboard that comes highly recommended is the Motorola Droid 3. The increase in price buys you a faster dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

The best way to find out which phone with a Qwerty keyboard is the right one for you is to go in store and actually have a trial using them, but we hope this article has given you an idea of which are the best phones on the market.

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