Five Reasons Android Is Superior To The iPhone

You may be about to recycle your mobile and invest in your first smartphone. Before you can decide which is the smartphone best suited to you one of the biggest questions you need answered is which operating system to choose. There are several different platforms but the top two competing systems are Android and IOS. Android is the Google operating platform and is available on many different smartphones from the premium handsets to budget models. IOS is the operating platform from Apple which is only available on the iPhone. This article will give you 5 reasons why Android Is Superior To The iPhone

Five Reasons Android Is Superior To The iPhone-Mobile phone recycling

1. Updates

An advantage of Android is the means by which you can get updates. In a market where technology so rapidly advances updates are becoming more common and more beneficial. There are two ways to access updates on an Android phone: via a PC or over the air. To update your iPhone your device must be connected to iTunes.

2. Applications

Whilst it is true that the iPhone does have access to a huge number of applications it is also the case that they are more difficult to acquire than with the Android operating platform. The volume of applications available to Android does not fall far short of the iPhone but they are much easier to install from the Android Market. Unlike the experience with the iPhone you do not need to confirm your password every time you install a free Android app and for those you do pay for you only need to do so once.

3. ITunes

It could be argued that a further disadvantage of the iPhone is that in order to gain access to applications and updates you must do so via iTunes. This leaves the user of the iPhone no other choice but to use iTunes. With Android devices, on the other hand, there is no single application required for these functions. Instead, an Android phone can be managed by multiple applications.

3. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking, or running several applications at the same time, is more easily managed with the Android OS than with the iPhone. To see a list of open applications on an Android device all you need do is tap the home key. You are able to move between the applications in that list simply by selecting them. There are also third party applications available to phones running Android that make this function even more efficient.

4. Application options

In a similar way to using your PC you can access the application options on an Android phone by tapping the menu button. You can do this even when the application is open. The experience is less user-friendly with the iPhone as you have to go into the settings menu to view the applications options.

5. Flexibility

Android phones offer more flexibility than the iPhone. The Android platform gives the user a much greater ability to personalise their smartphone and make it work for them in terms of how the information is organised.



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