Just Type iPhone App – Must Have

There are not too many areas where you could say with vigour that the Apple iPhone 4S needs to up its game; especially in terms of its software and user interface. The notes software, however, is probably one such area.

Get set for a new Notes application that puts Apple’s stock Notes application to shame? Not only is the ‘Just Type’ application abosulutely stunning to look at, but it is also completely free in the iOS App Store! Fitting the Apple model of slick aesthetic, everything about the application screams: “made with love”. Everything right down to the application’s icon looks superb and makes you want to use it for no other reason other than it looks lovely.

The Just Type iPhone App application features everything Apple’s stock Notes application has and can pride itself on offering much more than just an eye-candy interface. Top-notch functionality still remains at the heart of this lovely looking, the application includes features such as several different fonts, the ability to alter the font size, bolding your text, colour-coating the notes, and much more.

Also within the application is an action button at the bottom of the interface that allows you to do any of the following with whatever you type into the application:

•E-mail as attachment

•Message (SMS)

•Print text

•Copy text to clipboard

Along with the text formatting options, share options, and colour options, there is also a delete button which is no surprise on a Notes app.

Just Type iPhone App – Must Have

From the central section of the application you can find all of the notes you have created. You will be able to see many similarities in the design to the S

As a bonus, Just Type iPhone App includes iCloud syncing so your notes will be spread between all of your devices with Just Type installed on them. Sell your old phone today and grab an Apple iPhone to start using Just Type.parrow E-mail application which, due to its beautiful design has become so popular in recent months.

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