Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Features & Specs

Galaxy Tab 750 is a brand new Android tablet released by number one selling mobile phone company, Samsung.

The Korean consumer electronics giants have been greedily slurping up the majority share of the smartphone market in recent months as they continue to sell phones such as the Galaxy S3 at a prodigious rate. Samsung have recently topped Nokia as the best-selling mobile phone company in the world, a crown which the Finns clung to for over a decade.

With the smartphone market seemingly sewn up they now turn their attention to the tablet market, an area in which they still lag behind Apple’s iPad range.
The Galaxy Tab 750 is a slim-line lightweight slate weighing just 565 grams and measuring in at 256.7 x 175.3 x 8.6 mm. Fitted with a power-house dual-core processor and runs Androids superb Honeycomb operating system.

Samsung have obviously focussed on the display for this tablet, presumably in response to Apple’s best-selling Retina Display technology. This Galaxy Tab has 1280 x 800 WXGA display pumping out a pixel density of 149ppi which will do your image-based media justice.

In terms of functionality and interface, this Tablet 750 also rivals the iPad. It consists of an intuitive feature called Live Panel, which compresses all your favourite apps and news feeds into an easily accessible set of slabs on the home screen. Emails, social networking and web pages can all be instantly accessed with a few swishes of the finger. Live Panel can be altered and adjusted at any time to allow the stream of information being pumped through the tablet to be tailored to individual preferences. Mini applications such as the calendar and calculator – the dull functional stuff – can be accessed easily as pop ups via the Live Panel.

The Galaxy Tab 750 has a rear 3 mega-pixel camera with LED flash, plus round the front there is a secondary 2 mega pixel camera for video calls and the like.

Tablets have now become the number one vehicle for web access and the Galaxy Tab 750 recognises the importance of a smooth browsing experience. Equipped with HSPA+ and Wi-Fi capabilities allowing 3G speeds up to 21mb/s, so if you’re after a super-speedy internet experience then this Tab could well be the device for you. Online multimedia content can be viewed via the Flash capabilities and there is also Bluetooth v3.0 for extra connectivity.

Book lovers take note: this Galaxy Tab 750 has a feature called Reader’s Hub built-in to its software package. Reader’s Hub gives you access to millions of titles from the latest best-seller to literary classics. If you enjoy curling up with a good book but don’t want to be burdened with a heavy physical copy then the Galaxy Tab 750 ticks yet another box.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Features & Specs-Sell my mobileIn terms of storage, this Tab provides options for 16, 32 and 64GB devices, which is plenty of room for all your music, videos and photos. It runs the top-of-range Honeycomb OS which is the tablet-optimised Google Android system. Every icon and tab is perfectly placed but there is also lots of scope for customisation, should you want to shift the interface around.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 750 is definitely well-placed to give Apple’s iPad a tough test in the race for our cash.

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