Rumoured Specifications of Windows Phone 8

Rumoured Specifications of Windows Phone 8-Mobile phone recyclingSince Microsoft originally announced their new platform in June this year they have remained tight lipped about what we can expect from Windows Phone 8. However a document was recently released on the Internet providing some more details.

The leaked document was a Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Windows Phone 8 Developer Preview and was first posted on WPXAP, a Chinese site.

Some of the information about the Windows Phone 8 specifications contained within this SDK had already been disclosed by Microsoft, such as new APIs for voice recognition, Marketplace capabilities and SD card support.

There were some new revelations though about what new features and developments we can expect from Windows Phone 8. One such revelation is the improvements being made to the camera functions.

It was evident in the Developer Preview that the operating platform will come with a new camera API and developers will gain scope to further develop functionality with their photography apps. New features will not just been limited to the camera and video features, but also the lens applications. Developers will have the opportunity to offer apps to add effects and filters to the in-built camera.

The posted document also provided information about Nokia Maps which will include a 3D mode. Microsoft need to match the mapping capabilities already displayed by their rivals Apple and Google and Nokia maps will be the standard mapping tool on all devices. There will be another new API giving further opportunities for developers to incorporate features such as driving directions into their apps.

There are other minor tweaks. For example the Data Smart app, which enables you to track your mobile data usage will be renamed Data Sense. This will also bring with it a new Wallet app, Internet 10 Explorer and there will be a new start screen. Music apps on Phone 8 will no longer have the Zune branding.

Microsoft’s new acclaimed operating platform will bring with it new opportunities for third party applications developers as they will have access to lockscreen notifications. Furthermore apps will be able to run in the background and will be able to access the Windows Phone media library for adding and deleting photos and video as well as music.

You may have been waiting for the new operating system to reach the shelves before recycling your mobile and upgrading. Recently at their annual sales meeting Microsoft revealed that the Windows Phone 8 release date is expected to be in October this year. As for the price, surely that will depend on the device itself. It is already widely known that Microsoft are launching two new Surface tablets running this operating platform. Some smartphone manufacturers are also developing products to run Windows Phone 8. HTC will be launching 3 smartphones, each aimed at a different section of the market. There is also speculation that Samsung, the giant in Android smartphones, is developing some new lines running the Windows Phone 8 OS.

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