Tips to Improve Apple iPhone 4S Battery Life

Smartphones are addictive, there’s no doubt about it. As soon as you sell your mobile and invest in from Apple’s iPhone 4S, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Your iPhone 4S can almost run your life for you- send emails, be your personal organiser, do your weekly food shop, transfer money, not to mention being your own personal cinema or TV. However, as brilliant as all these functions are they all eat into the precious battery life of your phone. Poor battery life is the main criticism of  iPhone 4S and is still something that Apple and other smartphone manufacturers need to try and improve. The last thing that you want is to be stuck with a dead handset, so here are some tips to conserve and back up your battery power without limiting the different apps you can use.

Tips to Improve Apple iPhone 4S Battery Life -Mobile phone recycling

1. Turn down your screen brightness. The default setting for the brightness of the screen is pretty high on the iPhone 4S and the brighter the screen, the more juice your phone uses, so if you turn down the brightness even a small amount you’ll be saving power.

2. Turn off WiFi. If you have WiFi on all the time your phone is constantly searching for an open WiFi network to try and connect to so only have it turned when you are using the interent directly.

3. Turn off GPS and Location Features. The iPhone has built in GPS which means that it knows where you are at all times and can give you info about your local area whenever you need it. But it does use a lot of battery power to do this so only turn on GPS when you plan to use it immediately and then turn it off after you’ve found what you need. Also its a good idea to turn off ‘Setting Time Zone’ function as this means that your phone is constantly assessing which zone you are in when travelling. It’s not hard to change the time manually as you move through different time zones and saves battery power.

4. Change email checking settings. You can choose how often your phone accesses your network to check for new mail. If your phone is doing it every 5 minutes then it will be using a lot of battery so set it to check once an hour, or set it to manual so that your tell your phone when to check.

5. Sleep sooner. You can decide how after how long your phone will ‘Auto Lock’- go to sleep after not being used or not pressing any buttons. The quicker your phone sleeps the more juice it will save so put your Auto-Lock settings to one or two minutes.

6. Think about what you’re using. Some features use battery more than others so, if it’s important that your phone lasts out, don’t watch films, use the internet too much or play games. These are things that drain your battery a lot so use your phone wisely. Battery life depletes as your phone gets older so make sure you recycle your mobile phone and get upgrades when you can so you’ll never be stuck without your best friend!

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