Top 5 Business Apps For iPhone

Top 5 Business Apps For iPhoneThere aren’t enough hours in the working day and, living in the competitive world we do, we often need to be able to clinch a deal at the drop of a hat wherever we are. We are relying more and more on our smartphones and mobile devices to conduct our business for us. Whether you are a rail commuter, a frequent flyer or a speedy cyclist, the increasing need to be able to start work before we start work means that more and more apps are being designed to try and make your working life easier. So if your mobile is looking a bit old and shabby, recycle your phone and get hold of a brand new shiny handset so you can download Business Apps For iPhone that will save you time and help you achieve the elusive work/life balance!

1. Documents to Go.

This handy app transforms your smartphone into a laptop. Though most smartphones have the capability to open and display documents, they are often distorted and in a read-only mode. This app allows you to view documents in their correct form and you can even download, view and edit a powerpoint presentation as well as creating new documents. It’s a really useful Business Apps For iPhone that comes at a price- be prepared to pay between $14.99- $16.99.

2. Evernote.

If you’re someone who likes to scribble down notes whenever the inspiration hits you, this Business Apps For iPhone allows you to take notes on the go. You can put them into different categories to keep everything ordered and organised and sync everything to the cloud when you’re out and about. Best of all, Evernote is absolutely free to download from Bargain!

3. Package Tracking Apps.

When you send an important package or parcel to a client you want to know that all goes to plan with its delivery. This app means that you can keep abreast of your packages when you’re out and about and deal with any problems that may occur before disaster strikes. The app is free on iPhone and between $1.99 and $4.99 on Android and Blackberry.

4. Cam Scanner Apps.

Ever needed to scan a document on the go and email it? This app uses your camera to scan documents or images and then send them via email immediately so that you can get your info to people you want to receive it at any time. You can even pay to use your camera to fax over the document. It’s innovative and easy to use and will only set you back about $4.99.

5. CamCard Business Card Reader-

This app really does save you time. If you meet a lot of people in your job and therefore take a lot of people’s business cards you’ll spend ages inputting their data into your organiser or alphabetising their business cards. Again using your camera, the app scans the business cards and puts the information automatically into your contact list, saving you lots of time.
All of these apps can help to make your business life easier and more flexible. Most have a free trial so you can see whether they are helpful and the right choice for you before you invest.

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