Top 6 Fitness Android Apps

Top 6 Fitness Android Apps-Android mobile If you’ve just benefitted from a mobile trade in and now own an Android smartphone, not only is it great for keeping in touch with your friends, family and colleagues but it can also help you with a whole range of your leisure pursuits too. So whether you’re into cooking, TV, games, blogging, social media, shopping and loads more there’s an enormous range of apps available to download. In this article, we’ve chosen to focus on a range of Fitness Android Apps  that can help you keep on track with your personal fitness goals, so whether you’re just starting out exercising or if you’re a bit of a Pro or somewhere in between, there bound to be an app for you.

Absolute Fitness aims to help you keep track of your daily food, nutrient and calorie consumption along with your fitness goals and weight too. It is a great app that will provide you with a range of graphs to help keep you motivated and on track.

If running, cycling, walking or hiking are your preferred choice of exercise downloading My Tracks is a must as it will help you keep a record of not only the route followed but also the time taken, distance travelled, the elevation of the route using the GPS sensor in your phone. If you’d like to share this information online you can also do this through link-ups with a range of social networking sites.

If you’re a more experienced runner or cyclist but feel in need of a bit of extra motivation, we recommend the Noom CardioTrainer and Racing app as not only will it record all the standard stats that you’d expect from a fitness app, but it also has a race simulator mode where a voice will let you know what position you are in a virtual race.

The most well-known sports and fitness tracker for Android smartphones is Endomondo Sports Tracker which is available to download from Google Play for £2.64. It is the highest rated app of this type which is down to its ease of use, reliability, features and the ease with which you can share your information on social networking sites and with over 9 million downloads to date, you can be sure that it lives up to the claims its makes.

All Sport GPS is one of the best Free Fitness Android Apps to download and offers all the functionality and social media data sharing that you’d expect. If you own an iPhone, this is also available to download from the iTunes App Store too.

If you’re trying really hard to stay on track with your healthy eating and fitness goals, an app that may come in really useful is the Fast Food Calorie Counter. The app details the calorie and nutritional information of over nine thousand menu items from over 73 fast food restaurants, so if you find yourself in a restaurant with a friend or if you just really fancy a treat, you can select an item that will satisfy you but won’t undo all your good work.

With all this technology available to help you stay on track, why not download a few Fitness Android Apps

 to help you reach your fitness and diet goals.

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