Destined for the Tip or the Auction House? – 12 Ridiculous Novelty Phones

The hype seems to be on what new features and technology smart-phones will come out with next (we’re looking at you, Apple). There is a whole additional side to more traditional phones with unique designs like your favorite cartoon characters, automobiles, and even drinks. Check out these 12 (questionably) awesome/ so-bad-they’re-good novelty phones:

  1. 1967 Shelby Mustang Phone – Have you ever dreamed about having an old-fashioned mustang? Well maybe buying the actual car isn’t practical, but this 1967 Ford Mustang is a great collector’s item that is also useful as a phone.

shelbygt500 novelty phone

  1. Winebottle Shaped Telephone – For the lovers of wine and elegance, this novelty phone is a great addition, especially for a kitchen where it can serve as a phone and a classy wine bottle on the counter.

wine bottle phone

  1. The King, Elvis Phone – Very few go down in history like the late great king of rock and roll. This phone is a great collector’s piece for lovers of oldies and rock.

elvis_novelty phone

  1. TV mobile phone – Though a little old fashioned, this device is a hybrid between mobile phone and television. The screen folds out to a comfortable viewing angle to watch videos – something many smartphones today seem to neglect in their design.

TV mobile phone

  1. Audi TT Cell Phone – This phone may not have all the fancy features of a smart phone, but it looks awesome and is great for Audi lovers.


Audi TT phone

  1. Darth Vader Phone – With the force at your side, you can contact anyone on this Star Wars novelty phone. Even if the series isn’t your favorite, a Darth Vader Phone is about as cool as it gets.

Darth Vader Phone

  1. NFL NY Giants Football Phone – Sports fans love to get their favorite team on everything like t-shirts, hats, chairs, and even phones. This phone has the whole football field on the side and the actual football design on the top and bottom.

NFL NY Giants phone

  1. Animated Homer Simpson Phone – For adult cartoon fans, this Homer Simpson phone is a great novelty phone for your home while it entertains with its voice and movements for incoming calls.


  1. Harley-Davidson Phone – This Harley-Davidson phone comes with motorcycle seats that lift up for use as a handset, how cool is that?

Harley Davidson Phone

  1. Telemania Tel-locomotive – This rather unique novelty phone has four distinctive sounds when it rings. It has an old-fashioned look and represents a 1925 Crescent Locomotive.

telemania tel locomotive

  1. Telemania Hot Lips in Red – This phone makes for a hilarious gift.

Hot Lips telephone

  1. M&M’s 2 Character Phone – This phone will make one hungry just by looking at it. It is a cool Christmas phone with the red and green M&Ms but might just make you eat more candy.

M&M's phone

This list of scarily kitsch design was compiled by Oli, a design and gadget obsessive at Thorpe Breaks – who are eagerly gearing up for this Halloween’s fright night.

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